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Nuclear Cardiology outside North America
Nuclear cardiology plays important roles for diagnosis of heart disease and patient managements. Several countries and several lesions have unique approaches for nuclear cardiology imaging.
Nuclear cardiology faces challenge among non-invasive diagnostic imaging in Asia. See more Keng B, et al ANC 2017, vol 3, 180-2, Lele VR, ANC 2017, vol 3, 183-5, Kasai T, ANC 2017, vol 3, 186-9, Bom H, et al. ANC 2018, vol 4, 120-2.
Challenges and opportunities of nuclear cardiology in Latin America. See more Mut F, ANC 2017, vol 3, 176-9, Grossman GB, et al. ANC 2018, vol 4, 115-9.